The travel and the human meetings are the roots of my creation.

David is a cosmopolitan French creator who draws his inspiration with the liking of his many travel, with a particular affection for Morocco. It is in this country to the thousand and one tanneries that the desire for creating bags and accessories out of leather for man was born.

I bring back all kinds of objects and textiles of my travel: the colors, the odors, the meetings are as many sources of inspiration and imagination for my creations. I transform them and I adapt themto create single and exclusive products.

It is by combining French knowhow with the tradition centenary of the craftsmen of Madrid that the bags and additional David Duval take life.Creations are thoroughly numbered, like works of art, because a bag or an accessory David Duval before a a whole single part is intended to the sophisticated men most demanding.

The bags and accessories are made starting from purified leathers of a small Italian family tannery.Other leather elements coming from stables Amish in the United States are them recovered.Days before reins of barouche to nicely patinated leather, for example, become elegant handles ofbag.

I like to give life to my creations by using old parts in charge of emotion to recreate through those a new history: yours!

When it does not reside at Madrid, David  share his time between Marrakech and Paris.